Alicia Rebecca Myers


I'm Becca, a poet and essayist. I received my MA in English from the University of Georgia and my MFA in Creative Writing from New York University. Now I live in upstate NY with my poet husband and young son. From Fall 2017 - Spring 2019, I will be a Visiting Instructor in English at Wells College. 

I worked as a travel agent for seven years (I'm a little bit anapest, a little bit Budapest). My poem "The Last Travel Agent" was selected by Tracy K. Smith for Best New Poets 2015.

My chapbook of poems inspired by my son, My Seaborgium, was published by Brain Mill Press as part of their 2016 Mineral Point Chapbook Series. You can order it here.

You can find my essays online at Creative Nonfiction, EntropyThe Rumpus, Wave Composition, and Brain, Child Magazine, among other places.

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