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"Loss," The Last Milkweed Anthology (Tupelo Press), forthcoming 
"Parked Car,"
The Raleigh Review, forthcoming fall 2024
"Birthday," Dust Poetry Magazine, forthcoming August 3, 2024
"Migration," The Lunar Journal, forthcoming summer 2024
"Lexaprode," The Garlic Press, forthcoming July 2024

The Real Housewives of The Anthropocene," Broken Antler, forthcoming
"Easy" and "The Surprise,
One ArtJuly 8, 2024
"Air," Pedestal Magazine, June 2024
"Rare Bird," Cider Press Review, April 2024

"Commerce in Absence," Quarter After Eight, spring 2024 (Volume 30)
"January," "Alternate," "Pod," and "The Thirteenth Guest," River Styx, March 21, 2024
"Giving Birth May Alter A Mother's Bones," Braving the Body Anthology (Small Harbor Publishing) 

"Cans &," SWWIM, Oct 19, 2023 

"The Bush," Rattle Poets Respond, Oct 15, 2023
"America Runs On," Sixth Finch, fall 2023
"G Day," The Arts Fuse, July 2023 (and 
Best New Poets 2023)
"The Vine," decembersummer 2022
"Hope," "The Line," "Polychrome," "Party in the U.S.A.," "Music," "Moth Spotted Sipping a Sleeping Bird's Tears," Subnivean, spring 2022
"Winter Solstice,"
Best New Poets 2021
"Curriculum," "Winter Solstice," and "You Got it Wrong," Threadcount, spring 2021
"Homeschool," 8 Poems, September 2020
"Break," Poets Reading the NewsJuly 2019

"Sauna" and "Hot Horse," FIELD, spring 2019
"Open Water," Leveler, April 2019

"Sea Glass," jubilat, January 2017
"The Raisin & The Bullet," From the Finger Lakes: A Poetry Anthology, November 2016

"Song for Distance," Stone Canoe, February 2016
"The Last Travel Agent," Best New Poets 2015
"Lullaby," Emotive Fruition (starts at 5:54) + Radiolab print edition, summer 2015
"24 Weeks," "33/34 Weeks," and "39 Weeks," The American Literary Review, fall 2015
"Legs," Fairy Tale Review, spring 2015, The Mauve Issue
"Addling," Gulf Coast,  fall 2014

"Recurrent Ghazal," Finery, August 2014
"Canary Be Attendant" and "15 Weeks," The Carolina Quarterly, summer 2014
"Who's the Gloss" and "The Untelling," jubilat, fall 2013
"Insomnia," The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia, spring 2013
"Inside the Grotesquery,  A Fantasmic Neglect," jdbrecords, April 2013
"Riverside Casino," "Heaven For Girls," "My Neighbors Make Morning Pornos," and "High Proof," Cream City Review, 
fall/winter 2010 
My Seaborgium, Brain Mill Press, 2016 Mineral Point Series winner 
Greener, Finishing Line Press, 2009

"Walker," Entropy, July 2018
"Parenting as an Introvert," Parent.Co, October 2017
"Hair, Ear," Creative Nonfiction,  January 2017
"Parsley, Cork," Tuesday; An Art Project, November 2016
"I Need to Stop Saying 'I'm Sorry,'" Parent.Co., August 2016
"Explorers," Brain, Child Magazine, December 2015
"What We Want Now," The Rumpus, July 2015
"On Tammy and Hollywood's Focus on Body Image, Food, and Humor,"Thought Catalog, August 2014
"Les Misogyny," jdbrecords, January 2013
"Flight of the Navigator," jdbrecords, September 2012
"A Beet Issue," Words Without Borders," 2008


2024 Birdy Poery Prize Winner (Meadowlark Press) for Warble
2024 DISQUIET Prize Finalist
2023 Akron Poety Prize Finalist for Warble
2023 42 Miles Prize Poetry Award Finalist for Warble
2023 St. Lawrence Book Award Semi-Finalist for Warble
2022 Subnivean Poetry Award Finalist

2022 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize Finalist
Poetry in Flight winner (sponsored by the Syracuse Airport and the Syracuse Downtown Writers Center), June 2021
Looking Glass Rock Writers' Conference scholarship winner in nonfiction, spring 2019 

Kimmel Harding Nelson Center Residency, Feb-Mar 2014

Tupelo Press 30/30 participant (September 2021)
"Four Alumni Authors Talk About Their Work, Influences and Inspiration," Ravenscroft Magazine, spring 2021
"The Power of Poetry #60: Alicia Rebecca Myers," The Poetry Question, August 2019
"Dread and Grief, Energy and Song: Cathryn Cofell and Nicole Cooley Discuss Alicia Rebecca Myers' My Seaborgium," Brain Mill Press, April 2016
"Pins & Needles No. 45: Alicia Rebecca Myers," Fairy Tale Review, February 2016


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